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We believe that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer. There are companies that oversimplify the process of getting solar and sell you a dream that can turn into a nightmare. We are different. This page will walk you through the steps that are necessary to truly determine if Solar makes sense for you and if it can be an affordable solution. At any time, you can book a free online consultation to partner with one of our team members who can assist you through the process.

Energy Needs Assessment and  System Estimate

Build your load profile, select battery choice, and see what your solar system might cost

Solar Savings Calculator

Compare your monthly energy bill with the life of your potential solar system and see if solar makes sense for you.

Convert the Estimate to a Quote

A site visit lets us confirm the energy demand, check structure, and finalize the quote.


Build Your Estimate

Your energy audit is called a load profile. We take inventory of the appliances and electrical usage in your home. After adding up your appliances and energy uses, select the battery type that works for you. Select the wide BLUE button below to start building your load profile now. If you would prefer to book an online appointment with one of our reps, select the YELLOW button below and schedule.


Solar Savings Calculator

Now that we have an estimate, we need to really run the numbers. How many months will your “break-even” be, at which point you have both reliable energy and no electric bill? What other factors affect possible savings? Our solar calculator will help you determine if solar is the right choice for you. 

As at each step, you can run your solar savings calculator yourself with the BLUE button or book an online consultation with our team with the YELLOW button.


Site Visit: Converting the Estimate to a Quote

The last step is to conduct a site visit to confirm everything and convert the estimate into a detailed and accurate quote. The site visit involves:

  • Confirming the load profile by reviewing the appliances and energy use need
  • Structural audit to determine a plan for solar panel installation
  • Electrical infrastructure audit

Due to travel costs, some site visits may have a small cost associated. Prior to any site visit, we conduct a quick online or phone meeting to confirm details.

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