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Solar Calculator for Kenya

Solar Calculator


Package 3

Note: Optional GPRS Remote Solar System Monitoring Available With Every Package at KSH 19,600

Optional surge protection device(s) to be included in final quote

Generated quotes valid for 30 days. Package prices subject to change without notice.

ItemQtyCapacity(W)Total WattsHours of UseWHrs
42' LED TV11001006600
Energy Saver Light1571056630
Phone Charging410404160
Small fridge1808012960
Iron box1100010000.5500
ItemParts DescriptionDescriptionOriginQtyUnit PriceTotal
Outback Inverter/ChargerSPCIII-1500- 24V1.5kWGermany172,97972,979
Solar panels (Amerisolar)AS-6M-360W360W, MonoUSA417,93571,740
Battery (Storage)RITAR DG 200AH/ 12V-239,55079,100
Racking System-Solar+ BatteryEngineered--115,00015,000
Transport-OptionalNot Provided--100
Labor & Commissioning:Engineering, Installation, Commissioning--125,00025,000
BOSAccessories(fuses/breakers), BOS--124,95024,950
VAT (16%)146,203
Grand Total: KSH334,972